Age: 28 years old
Profession:  ProClimber / Technik dostępu linowego
Education: Master degree in Bridges & Underground constructions
Lenguages: English, Spanish
Home town: Cracow
Climbs for: 13 years
Sponsors: HeartBeat, ValenciaClimb, MotionLab, KS Korona
Facebook: facebook.com/piotrbunsch

PIOTR BUNSCH – is one of the best Polish sports climbers. He is a rock and sports climber. He takes part in all sorts of climbing competitions, regularly occupying leading positions. He is a member of the National Team. Has been involved in climbing for thirteen years; referring to many successes of Polish and international arena.

He is a very recognizable figure in Polish climbing environment, and more recently Spanish. He dedicates all his free time to climb, training and climbing trips. He is representative of the best Polish climbing club KS Korona, where he trains every day. Piotr is also trying to connect both climb and engineering career. He is about to finish a master degree at the Cracow University of Technology.

In addition to his passion for climbing Piotr loves mountain, skiing, traveling, languages and photography.



Climbing in different crags in Europe – Otztal, Flatanger, Baltzola, Osp, Jura.


First Polish – 8b+ OS

Two times Polish Champion 2009 & 2014.

Winner of Polish Bouldering Cup. 

Climbing 9a and VI.7+

VI.5+ OS in Polish Limestone. 

Winner of many Bouldering Competition.

OS on Linia Specjalna VI.5 – the hardest Polish Crag 😀

PERFORMANCE IN ROCK (selected routes):
9a La Cabane eu Canada, Rawil, CH
8c+ Mistral, Rodellar, ES

8c+ Mr. Hyde, Ceuse, FR
8c+ Pati Noso, Siurana, ES
8c+ Mind Control, Oliana, ES
8c+ NinGal, Chulilla, ES
8c/c+ CicioFromagio, Sperlonaga, IT
8c Dures Limit, Ceuse, FR
8c Florida, Rodellar, ES
8c Primer Asalto, Chulilla, ES

8c Corrida, Osp, SI
8c FishEye, Oliana, ES
8c Pintoreta, Sella, ES
8c Malsoniando, Gandia, ES
8c Welcome to Tihuana, Rodellar, ES
8c Une Arquée pour le criquet, FR
8c La Psicose, Gasthlosen, CH
8c Strelovod, OSP, SL
8c Pata Negra, Rodellar, ES

8b+ (OS) Falconetti, Mont Serrat, ES
8b/+ (OS) Maskoking, Rodellar, ES
8b (OS) La montana magica 8b, Chulilla
8a+ (OS) Devoracordes 8a+, Rodellar
8a+ (OS) Tenessis 8a+, Tarn, FR
8a+ (OS) Telemaster 8a, Sperlonga, IT
8a+ (OS) Doctor Feelgood 8a, Margalef, ES

VI.7+ StalMielec, Mamutowa
VI.7+ Acapulco extencion, Mamutowa
VI.7 Nie dla psa kiełbasa, Pochylec
VI.6+ Ekspozytura Szatana, Pochylec
VI.6+ Próba Turinga, Dupa Słonia
VI.6 Imperium Sokoła, Sokolica
VI.5+ (OS) Czerwona Światła na Montecassino, Sokolica
VI.5 (OS) Linia Specjalna, Jastrzębnik (pierwsze Polskie przejście bez znajomości)
VI.5 (OS) Kant finansowy, Biblioteka
VI.5+ (OS) Eldorado, Rzędki


1 – Puch The Limits (B) – Kraków
4 – BlokFest (B) – London
8 –
The C.W.I.F (B) – Sheffield
1 – Mistrzostwa Polski (P) – Wrocław
1 – Puchar Polski (P) – Tarnów

1 – Bloco Open (B) – Warszawa
1 – ReZErwa Mocy (B) – Wrocław
4 – Puchar Polski
(B) – Zakopane
5 – Mistrzostwa Polski
(B) – Kraków
2 – Puchar Polski (P)– Tarnów
2 – Gorączka Mocy
(B) – Lublin
3 – Puchar Polski
(P)– Wrocław
4 – Mistrzostwa Polski
(P)– Kraków
4 – Mistrzostwa Polski
(B) – Kraków

1 – Mechanika Mocy (B) – Radom
1 – Push The Limits
(B) – Kraków
2 – Akademickie MP (P) – Wrocław
3 – Mistrzostwa Polski (B) – Kraków
3 – TauronBoulder Szpil
(B) – Katowce
4 – Puchar Polski
(B) – Tarnów
1 – Puchar Polski (B) – Tarnów
1 – TrafoBoulder Szpil
(B) – Katowice
2 – Boulder Fest
(B) – Lublin
3 – Puchar Polski (P) – Bielsko
4 – Puchar Polski
(B) – Tarnów
5 – Puchar Polski
(P) – Warszawa
5– Mistrzostwa Polski
(P) – Wrocław
5– Mistrzostwa Polski
(B) – Kraków

1 – Orpesa Cup (B) – Valencia
2 – Puchar Polski
(B) — Tarnów
6 – Mistrzostwa Hiszpanii (B) – Barcelona
1 – Puchar Czecz (B) – Ostrava (CZ)
1 – Puchar Polski
(B) – Zakopane
1 – Boulder Fest
(B) – Lublin
1 – Mistrzostwa Polski
(B) – Kraków
2 – Puchar Polski (P) – Tarnów
3 – Mistrzostwa Słowacji
(B) – Żylina
5 – Puchar Polski
(B) – Kraków
1 – TrafoBoulder
(B) – Katowice
1 – Total Boulder
(B) – Bielsko
2 – Puchar Polski
(B) — Kraków
2 – Puchar Polski
(P) – Tarnów
3 – Boulder Fest
(B) – Lublin
3– Mistrzostwa Polski
(B) — Tarnów
4 – Puchar Polski
(P) – Katowice
2 – Mistrzostwa Polski (P) – Wrocław
3 – Puchar Polski
(P) – Warszawa


Piotr Turkot (wspinanie.pl)- “One of the most talented climbiers in Poland. Ever since he is climbing very hard routes and being one of the best in climpetition. Wspinanie.pl had an opportunity to write about Piotr many times – he was alway ready to cooperate with comments and photos. We have also published many of his own articles. Some time ago we also decided to roll his own blog on our website”.

Tomasz Oleksy– “One of those who were able to beat me in competition in Poland ☺ Has appeared very fast from the very beginning being one of the best ones. A person very positive and people like him.

Everybody who knows something about climbing in Poland knows Piotrek. Everyday fully motivated to work! I recommend him 100%!”

Łukasz Dudek – “Since I meet Piotr I saw in him a great climbing potential. I still think that he hasn’t yet done what his is capable of. So I am just waiting till he joins the ‘9a’s busters team’”.

Kinga Ociepka – ”Versatile climber with very good technical skills. Ambition and determination allows him to achieve great results in the rocks and during competition. Constantly strives to develop and is not afraid of new challenges, including multi pitch climbing”